Interactive Media Designer


Fractalfest 2016


Summer 2016
Interactive Projection Installation -  Debuted at Fractalfest 2016
Unity3D, Blender, Microsoft Kinect

Dancingbear is an interactive character living behind a projected screen - a meditative exploration of the possibilities created by the collision of virtual reality and AI.

Dancingbear is the star of an interactive installation I developed with fellow developers Andrew Sutlif  and James Staley. We built the piece in Unity, allowed interactivity using the Microsoft Kinect 2.0, and installed it at human scale.

Dancingbear, for the most part, is an autonomous character -  he’ll tend to his campsite, lounge, gather firewood, and hangout. When he becomes aware of you, he’ll wave hello, and come over to hang out with you.

He’ll respond to your greetings, and if he sees high-energy movement, might break into a dance. Most importantly, if you come and sit, he will join you in meditation, whereupon his environment will evolve into an entrancing, spiritually evocative composition.

The piece is meant to encourage meditation and stillness - and quiet interactions with the piece and among its audience.

My responsibilities on the project included:

  • 3D Modelling , Rigging, and Animation for the Dancingbear character
  • Environment design and asset creation
  • Creation of original shaders in Unity to create unique special effects, such as a procedural campfire animation and cutaway transformation effects for the character
  • Project Management, Scheduling, Booking

Fractalfest 2016

We had the privilege to debut the installation at Fractaltribe’s Fractalfest 2016, which took place in July, among a bevy of unbelievably impressive artists and creators!