Feed the Fidgets

Web and Mobile Game
Spring 2017  

Company: WGBH Digital
Client: Design Squad Global
Tools: JavaScript, CreateJS, Springroll, Flash

  • Game Design

  • Programming

  • User Testing

In this game, aimed at 6-7 year olds, players can design and manage an aquaponics farm to grow fruit and vegetables in order to Feed the Fidgits! The intent of the game is to reinforce curriculum about ecosystems and symbiotic relationships, as well as some early design thinking and iteration.

I was responsible for designing the core building mechanics and programming the game - began with field research and interviews at aquaponics lab, narrowed down complex science to approachable variables, and iterated farm building and harvesting mechanic through extensive prototyping and user testing with target age group.

Click Here to Play Feed the Fidgets!