Interactive Media Designer
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Monk Bonk

Monk Bonk

Spring 2015
C#, Unity 3D, Maya
Team Size: 6

Created for the Spring 2014 Ludum-Dare 72-Hour Game Jam.
The Theme: an Unconventional Weapon.
Our Weapon: Religion.

The player is a little pilgrim priest, who shuffles around town bonking villagers on the head with a cross to convert them. Converted villagers follow the player. After 30 seconds, the end of days commences! All non-converted villagers turn into demons, and the player fights them off with the help of their army of converts. 

If the priest dies, the villagers carry on with the battle, keeping the faith alive!

My role in the project was creating the characters: I designed, modeled, and animated the priest, villagers and demons in Maya. I created a character controller using Unity's Mechanim plugin, and wrote animation scripting for the characters in C#.