Park Builder

Web and Mobile Game
Fall 2015

Company: Cloudkid Studios
Client: PBS Kids
Tools: JavaScript, PIXI, Springroll, Flash
Role: Programming, User Testing

Park Builder is an educational park simulator game created for the PBS franchise, Nature Cat. The player helps the outdoors-loving Nature Cat and his friends design a park, learning about different kinds of plants, seasons, and weather along the way. The player collects seeds, and plants new plants, to complete missions prompted by the game's characters. The game includes a seasons cycle, which affects the weather and plant growth, and a variety of forest friends who populate the park as the player builds.

I built the game in Javascript, PIXI, and Cloudkid's Springroll library. In addition to bringing the provided design documents to life, I was responsible for designing and implementing the world navigation mechanics, and asset management for the numerous plant instances. I also implemented pathing for the games characters with object avoidance utilizing A* pathing.

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