Interactive Projection Installation

Featured at: Together Boston 2017, Play! NYC 2017

Summer 2017

Team: Colin Egge, Andrew Sutlif, James Staley
Tools: Unity3D, Touch Designer, Blender, Microsoft Kinect


  • Project Management, Scheduling, Booking

  • Narrative & Character Development

  • Character Modelling, Rigging, Animation

  • Environment Creation

Scavenger is a cyberpunk followup to 2016's Dancingbear

Created for Together House and Techno festival, we took influence from the history and aesthetics of the 90's Berlin techno scene, as well as the contemporary revival of sound-system culture. The piece features a lone scavenger who has built a audiovisual oasis, a place to recharge and regain creative headspace in the midst of a chaotic dystopia, on the brink of a musical revolution.


Big groovy speakers and other visual effects bump to the music from a live DJ. Festival goers can play with the space, disrupt physical objects in the scene, and trigger high energy visual effects. Their likeness is featured as a hologram emanating from one of our Scavenger's gadgets. 

The many TV screens also serve as a virtual art gallery featuring artists from around the world. Users can swipe through channels of surreal beatmatched animations.


Together Boston 2017

Scavenger debuted at the house and techno festival, Together, in their 'recharge lounge.' Together attendees could relax in a haven from the craziness of the festival, just as scavenger was taking a break from her dystopian adventures. 


Scavenger was also featured at Play! NYC games convention in Terminal 5, NYC.